How To Interpret Your Dreams Without Consulting Any Spiritual Person

In this Blueprint, It reveal the techniques you need to know without wasting your finance, time, worries or seeking spiritual consultation before you can make your nightly dream journeys more enjoyable, increase your understanding of yourself, and make you to realize that the chances of expanding consciousness are far greater than you would possibly think off.

Priceless Information in this blueprint:

  • While Do We Always Dream
  • Types Of Dreams
  • Why You In Particularly Dream
  • What Cause That Your Disturbing Dreams
  • Why Do You Find It Difficult To Remember Your Dreams
  • Interpreting Your Dreams
  • Unrevealed Dream Symbols
  • How To Remember Your Dream
  • And More To Be Revealed On Dreams

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions I get asked, all answered below!

  • Does everyone dream?

While it is biologically the case that we all dream at some point in our sleep, there are those who adamantly claim they do not and have never before dreamed. It is true that there are those who have great difficulty remembering their dreams; however, this has more to do with other factors than simply “not” dreaming.

  • Where do dreams originate?

Dreams are messages originating in the inner levels of your consciousness, the part of Self we term the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has a duty to fulfill and a purpose to accomplish. It recreates the images created by your waking, conscious mind so you can enjoy the experiences you desire. Your subconscious mind will fulfill any conscious desire when allowed. This occurs for the growth and maturity of the whole Self. As your desires are manifested in the conditions and circumstances of your life, you have opportunities to learn about your Self and creation. When the essence of experiences are understood and made a part of Self, these understandings are stored in your subconscious mind as permanent memory.

  • Why do people have recurring dreams?

I believe we all have unique lessons to learn in our life and sometimes these lessons are lifelong. Recurring dreams tend to build upon a particular theme and typically change subtly as we grow into a different understanding of ourselves as well as the obstacles we face.

Careful scrutiny of the dream content tends to reveal tiny changes to the narrative we would at times like to believe is “exactly the same.” Recurring dreams can be a useful barometer for our own growth and development.

Pay attention to the nuances of your recurring dreams as these small changes can offer the greatest lessons.

  • Do we dream every night?

Yes. Dreaming occurs in ninety minute cycles throughout your night’s sleep. As the ninety minute cycles continue this shallow sleep gives way to deeper stages of sleep sometimes called “beauty rest”. The conscious activities of the day are released to the subconscious mind for review and feedback. This feedback comes in the form of dreams.

  • Why are you not charging more for this information?

I strongly believe that a candle does not loose it’s light by lighting others. So, my goal is to make this affordable for as much people as possible, so people can take advantage of this the same way I have and other people I have helped have.


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